St. Thomas Forane Sunday School has a strength of around 950 students from Class 1 to 12th. There are 80 staff members including Office Staff under the able leadership of Rev. Fr. Cyriac Madathil CMI theVicar, Rev. Fr. Shan Varghese CMI the Director and Rev. Fr. Jobin Tholanickal CMI the Asst. Director. Two Brothers from Dharmaram College serve as coordinators. The timing of Catechism is from 9.00 am to 10.45 am followed by Holy Eucharist for the catechism students at 11.00 am. The Teachers assemble at 8.50 am for a common prayer. The Catechism starts with a common assembly at 8.55 am at Christ School.


Staff Core Committee

A core group comprising of Rev. Fr. Director, Principal, Vice Principals and the Secretary meet regularly to discuss and address the day to day affairs of Catechism. This group acts as a steering committee.

Class-wise Confession

Rev. Fathers from Dharmaram Campus are invited to hear the confession of the students on every Sunday. The schedule of confession is given in the year plan printed in the hand book.

Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist is given utmost importance in Catechism. All students attend Holy Eucharist at 11.00 am. The brothers and teachers give guidance to the students on how to behave in the Church, how to participate in the Holy Eucharist actively, etc. We have an exclusive students choir team for the HolyEucharist. The students read the Scripture and collect the offerings during the Holy Eucharist.

Enrichment Programme

The Catechism staff had been to Christ Kengeri Campus on 24th June for a half day enrichment programme. Amidst the rain and the weather, everybody in the Catechism family had a fun filled day and had memories to carry behind. The youth staff and the office team helped in setting up some games which resulted in good interaction and knowing the teachers better.

Staff Meeting

Every month, all staff members meet, at least once, to discuss about the various matters involved in Catechism.

Unit Test

Unit test for the students is conducted before the first semester exam as a help to  prepare well for their Semester Exam.

Visit of Animation Team

A team of animators from Syro Malabar Catechism Mission visits our unit every year. They spend  the day with us observing our activities. 

Students Retreat

Every year a theme based retreat for Catechism Students of Class 1-12 is conducting for 3 days. The Catechism Retreat theme for this year was "YES, Yield Every thing to spirit" With selected retreat preachers leading the retreat, the students from Class 1 to 10 were involved and were really moved and definitely felt they can reach out to Jesus at all times and He will bless them even though they have failures. The retreat was held in 3 different venues to ensure the effectiveness.

The retreat began on the 10th for the UP and HS with an informal inauguration which was addressed by our Vicar and the Retreat co-ordinator introduced the team to the children. Our Catechism youth staff, presented the theme skit which set the stage for a wonderful retreat. The PTA council members along with the parents played a great role in preparing the food for our children. The final day session for the parents and adoration along with the children was the most beneficial. The conclusion was followed by fellowship meal for the parents and the children together .









All of us at St. Thomas Sunday Catechism understand that Catechism is not limited to just teaching the prescribed text, rather it is a process of moulding the students into mature disciples of Jesus. Hence the second half of catechism is dedicated to various activities including teaching of regular prayers. We believe that regular confession, counselling, class wise adoration with their teacher, Student Retreat, CML activities, Out Reach  programmes etc are right steps taken in this direction.

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