• July 17, 2024


Nurturing Compassion: Join the MANNA Initiative to Feed the Needy in Bangalore Hospitals

In the heart of Bangalore, an extraordinary act of kindness unfolds every Saturday, courtesy of the St. Thomas Forane Church’s MANNA program. This noble venture is dedicated to providing free, nutritious meals to the economically disadvantaged patients receiving care in government hospitals across the city.

A Testament to Human Generosity

The initiative kicks off early every Saturday morning, with a group of selfless volunteers converging at St. Thomas Forane Church. Here, they engage in the preparation of healthy, balanced meals designed to offer both physical nourishment and a dose of hope to the recipients. Following meticulous preparation, these meals are securely packaged to ensure they remain hygienic until they reach those in need. By noon, the food is on its way to Victoria Hospital, among other locations, where it finds its way into the hands of grateful patients.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

MANNA is not just a program; it’s a movement fueled by compassion and a shared desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. It’s an open invitation to anyone looking to contribute to a cause greater than themselves. Whether you have a few hours to spare on a Saturday morning or wish to support the initiative financially, your involvement can light up someone’s day. Volunteers gather from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, dedicating their time and energy to this cause, motivated by the belief that every act of kindness is a step towards a better world.

Every Contribution Counts

For those moved to contribute financially to the MANNA program, no donation is too small. Every contribution, regardless of its size, goes a long way in sustaining this initiative and ensuring that it continues to bring solace and sustenance to those in need. Donations can be made to the St. Thomas Parish account, with details provided for easy transfer. It’s crucial to mention “Donation for MANNA” in your transfer to ensure it supports this specific cause.

How to Get Involved

The doors of MANNA are always open to new volunteers and benefactors. For more information on how to join this compassionate community or to make a donation, please refer to the contact details provided. Your support can transform lives, offering more than just a meal—it provides hope, care, and the warmth of knowing someone cares.

Make a Difference Today

Your participation in the MANNA initiative, whether through volunteering your time or financial donations, is more than a charitable act; it’s a statement of solidarity with those facing difficult times. It’s a chance to be part of a collective effort that not only feeds the hungry but also nourishes the soul of the community. Join us in making a difference, one meal at a time. Your generosity is not just appreciated; it’s a crucial component of the lifeline we offer to those in need.

(N.B. Please mention “Donation for Manna” while transferring fund)

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