• April 12, 2024

Minority Cell

Empowering Communities: The Mission of St. Thomas Forane Church’s Minority Cell

In the heart of Bangalore, St. Thomas Forane Church has been home to a transformative initiative since 2013, known as the Minority Cell. This vibrant group was brought to life by the visionary Rev. Dr. Thomas Kallukalam with a singular mission: to uplift the underprivileged segments of the Christian community by harnessing the power of government schemes and educational scholarships. The Minority Cell epitomizes a beacon of hope and empowerment for many, reflecting a dedication to societal upliftment and the betterment of its parishioners.

Bridging Gaps: The Core Mission of Minority Cell

At the core of the Minority Cell’s activities lies a deep-seated commitment to identifying, compiling, and facilitating access to a wide array of benefits and services provided by both central and state governments. This effort is meticulously designed to support underprivileged families, ensuring they receive the aid and opportunities rightfully theirs. By fostering a collaborative environment, the team at Minority Cell works tirelessly to enhance the living standards and educational prospects of families within the St. Thomas Forane Church community.

Key Initiatives and Impactful Activities

Educational Empowerment Through Scholarships

One of the cornerstone activities of the Minority Cell is its proactive involvement in the scholarship application process. This entails detailed work ranging from application submission and documentation to continuous follow-ups with relevant educational and government institutions. Since its inception until 2017, the Minority Cell has successfully facilitated the disbursement of over 3.5 crore Indian rupees in scholarships, benefitting countless children within the community. These scholarships span from Pre-Matric and Post-Matric to Merit-cum-means and even Overseas scholarships, provided by the Karnataka Government, catering to a diverse set of educational needs.

Community Awareness and Mentorship Programs

Beyond financial assistance, the Minority Cell extends its reach to various churches across Bangalore, spearheading awareness programs and mentorship initiatives. These programs are designed to empower other communities, enabling them to address their parishioners’ needs effectively. Additionally, the team offers indispensable support to individuals from other parishes, guiding them through the application and submission processes for various scholarships and governmental services.

Additional Support Services

The Minority Cell’s role transcends educational aid, encompassing a broad spectrum of support services. This includes assistance in obtaining caste and income certificates, Voter ID card campaigns, Aadhaar card registration, and guidance on availing government services like pensions. Furthermore, the team plays a crucial role in securing funds for church renovation, community hall constructions, and facilitating loans for social groups and students.

The Team Behind the Mission

The success of the Minority Cell is anchored in the dedication and professionalism of its team members. Comprising students, professionals, and highly motivated individuals, the team shares a common vision of service and a commitment to the welfare of the underprivileged. With an unwavering resolve, the Minority Cell is poised to expand its services, exploring new avenues to benefit those in need while actively contributing to church and community activities.

Contact Our Leaders for Support and Guidance

  • Sherin P. Devassy, Cell Coordinator and Mentor – For comprehensive mentorship and coordination.
  • Jose T.A (Tony), Liaison Officer to Government Departments – For expert guidance on government-related inquiries.
  • Joseph Varghese, Student Coordinator and Mentor – For student-specific advice and support.
  • Enok Jose, Coordination and Documentation – For assistance with documentation and procedural guidance.

The Minority Cell of St. Thomas Forane Church stands as a testament to what can be achieved when compassion meets action. Through its various programs and initiatives, it not only provides financial assistance but also builds a foundation of support and empowerment for the less fortunate, ensuring that every community member has the opportunity to thrive.